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"I contacted Camilla through her website to begin working on an engagement ring from scratch. Since our very first meeting she was super available, and explained with detail the options we had available to us. After having set a budget, we analyzed the solutions that reflected my taste the most. The final result was incredible, and was a huge success with my girlfriend as well. This is an experience I would recommend to anyone who wants to rely on a true industry expert, who works with passion and heart! Thank you so much, you made a dream come true!"


"I speak for those who, like me, are standing in front of the biggest dilemma a love story can have. Which isn't "do I have to ask her to marry me?", but "what the heck should I do about the ring?" - or something like that, in various shades of doubt and desperation. I had the essential support of a small but relentless group of people (the bride's sister and two of her close friends): it's thanks to them that I texted Alessandra, on an afternoon I was working from home. It took one look at her Instagram profile and a few short minutes on the phone to understand I was on the right track. A ring isn't something you buy everyday, let's be clear, nor something you discuss with your partner. Alessandra was able to listen to my ideas, my suggestions, and imagine a piece that was unique and not "just" a ring. There was no Diamond Bar at the time, just a few phone calls and a dense whatsapp chat. It was like drawing someone that didn't know it yet. Alessandra did so with patience and enthusiasm, following my vision, and a few references I had collected on Pinterest, not much else. Without distorting my idea, but in fact, adding value to it. This is the best thing that could happen to you, when you find yourself in front of a dilemma. The first time I saw the ring, it's something difficult to describe. The first time my girlfriend saw it, is one of those stories that we'll tell for the rest of our lives. I don't know what else to say, you are in the right place."


"I am usually very scrupulous when it comes to any purchase, let alone the choice of engagement ring. Alessandra educated me on the world of diamonds and she accompanied me step by step from the selection of the diamond to the ring design, making the entire experience enjoyable. Super professional, available.. impeccable! Obviously the ring is gorgoeus.. and she said YES!"


"Alessandra has been of fundamental help in the purchase of my engagement ring. She is an extremely professional and cordial person. My choice was made more complicated by the fact that I live abroad. Alessandra helped me without holding back, every step pf the way: understanding the ring size; sharing detailed photos since I couldn't see the ring in person; being reachable at all times; and helping me with the shipping and issues that came with it. I loved her rings right from the start, both for the quality of the manufacturing, and for the provenance of the materials she uses. Alessandra is truly a professional with great care for her clients, and high quality products. I cannot reccommend her enough for her creations and services! You won't be disappointed!"


"Ale has been number 1 in helping me create my engagement ring step by step. There hasn't been a single question she hasn't answered, saturday and sunday included. From selecting the cut, to the ring setting and choosing the diamond, she pampered me through this impervious and mysterious path. She also supported me in the post-sale phase and helped me perfect the ring size. She exceeded any jewelry store both in service and in value-for-money; I wouldn't think twice about going back to her, an expert gemologist, rather than trusting just any store assistant!"