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Alessandra Camilla understands that people are her most important resource and values the wellbeing of everyone who works in or with the company. Here’s how!

External:Our jewelry is entirely hand made in Italy by local artisans, thereby contributing to the community and reduces the carbon imprint. We verify that each artisan adheres to European Union regulations in terms of work conditions and precautions when working with materials. We have selected skilled artisans who have been in the trade for years and who observe safe labor laws as well as minimum wage requirements. All our suppliers are registered with the Italian Chamber of Commerce and their business and trade has been handed down through generations, thereby ensuring that non-tangible values are passed on and preserved. This is important for traditional trades such as jewelry making, because it helps support small and local businesses, and employs individuals, contrary to global operators.

Internal:In our search to be innovative in today’s everchanging world, we believe in a diverse workforce which brings together different perspectives, cultures and knowledge. We stand for equality in race, gender, religion, sexual orientation which is coherent with the Italian Constitution (article 18) which grants total freedom to join any association - religious, political, cultural, ethnical. We foster a work environment to empower our employees, recognize their strengths and contributions and encourage them to further their professional development.


Metals: We have carefully selected our suppliers whose ethical and moral values coincide with our own. For example, we buy gold from an historic Italian company that is part of Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC). They use technologically advanced methods to mine gold while respecting the tutelage of our planet.
Process: We verify that acids used are disposed of according to regulation, that work areas are properly aerated and that employees are provided masks. Of the metals used, none are toxic except white gold, which has a small amount of nickel, but does not exceed European Union limits.
Stones: We check our stones’ provenance to make sure they are ethically and responsibly mined, and no children were exploited in the process of extraction. We verify that all our diamonds adhere to the Kimberly Process, an organization committed to reducing the flow of conflict diamonds.


We understand that our clients are concerned about the environment, a concern which we share. As a result, we choose to use ethically sourced stones and to recycle gold.


In general, jewelry production has very little impact on the animal world, except for IVORY.


This topic is close to Alessandra Camilla’s heart and she has vowed that she will never utilize Ivory in any of her designs. Going a step further, she is also a donor to Elephant Crisis Fund ( in an effort to help save elephants from extinction.


Ivory is obtained by torturing and eventually sacrificing elephants to exploit their tusks. Some more terroristic approaches include poaching them and letting them bleed to death. This is not only cringe-worthy, inhumane behavior but will eventually lead to the total extinction of elephants (which are already an endangered species thanks to this persecution


Our packaging is made from synthetic and non-harmful materials: vegan suede and viscose. We found a way for our jewelry boxes to communicate ‘luxury’ without compromising our ethics.